WordPress plugin to crop / edit images within WordPress itself

Hulloooo! I love it when a plugin makes my day! I was just saying thi

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s week how awesome it would be if there was a plugin that would edit images without having to do it in Photoshop then re-import. Ask and you shall receive! Here it is:

It’s called Scissors, funnily enough. Here is what the plug in says about itself :)

This plugin adds cropping, resizing, and rotating functionality to WordPress’ image upload and management dialogs. Scissors also allows automatic resizing of images when they are uploaded and supports automatic and manual watermarking of images. Additionally, images that are resized in the post editor are automatically resampled to the requested size using bilinear filtering when a post is saved, which improves the perceived image quality while reducing the amount of data transferred at the same time.

Thats pretty hard out geeky description but hey. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars which rates well with me! It ROCKS!!! All our new clients will be getting this plugin included in our Ultimate PLugin list for sure!!

And here is the link to it:


Till next time…. ROCK n ROLL!


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