Ultimate plug-ins list for WordPress.org websites

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luginlist.jpg” alt=”ultimate wordpress plug-ins” width=”160″ height=”160″ />WordPress.org sites allow you to add unlimited amounts of the millions of cool plug-ins out there on the web. Most are free.  When our Big Fish clients get a website with us we build it in WordPress.org and as part of the package we add these plug-ins:

  • SEO plug-in – to boost you in the search engines and allow you to control your keywords and titles etc for every page and every post. Search Engines LOVE this!!
  • Advanced editing – this allows you to do way more than the standard WordPress functions. You can control fonts more yourself, add tables, and lots more cool formatting that is really important.
  • Auto backup – we set up a plug-in to automatically take a back up of your database every day, week or month and email it to you.
  • Social Media Automation – we set up your site to automatically post to your Facebook, Twitter etc when you add a blog post. This is extremely valuable! For me it is where over half my traffic comes from.
  • Sidebar controller – this allows you to say which pages you want each item on the sidebar to show. e.g you may only want the RECENT POSTS sidebar widget to show in the blog and not on the pages. This plug in lets you control that.
  • Post Expiration date setting – don’t you hate websites that show things like event that have past? This allows you to set the date the post will STOP showing on your site. So if you’[re marketing events it will automatically be taken off your site on the date you specify.
  • Broken link checker – this will automatically notify you when you sign in if there are broken links on your website. It will even let you click on them to fix them throughout the whole site in one click. Search engines don’t like broken links so this is a super important plug-in
  • Navigation control – a plug in that allows you to simply tick a box to say whether you want the page to show on the navigation or not. (This would usually mean special coding that you can’t control without a web designer but this plug-in allows you to do it easily yourself).
  • Form plug in – this allows us to easy add forms with all the fields you want without needing to pay for a form capturing system. When someone fills out the form they can be emailed right to your inbox or saved to a database (or both).
  • Simple video insert - with one simple click you can insert videos into your pages and posts from loads of well known websites without having to do any fancy pants embed code stuff that is way too technical for most.
  • Google Analytics – lets us simple add in the code for the URL so all your stats are tracked through Google Analytics. These are VERY detailed stats so you can see how your website is doing at any time.
  • Page order drag n drop – you can simple drag and drop the pages to the order you want and save and you’re done. Can so the same with posts as well.
  • Link navigation to anywhere – if you want to link to a URL that is not within your site or is to something specific this plug-in lets you simple paste the URL in and it will add a button to the navigation that will link there

We are always adding to this list of important plug-ins and we set them all up for you so you don’t have to worry about the technical side :) We also have how to videos showing you how to use anything that you may want to control in these plug-ins.

Phewl! That was a technical one! Add a comment with any questions you might have! :)

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