Top 5 Facebook Applications & Features for Rockin’ The Ultimate Facebook Fan Page

So I’ve been pimping out my Facebook Fan Page lately (and our clients) and have learnt so much!

Here is the top Facebook Applications and features that have been hand picked for you to get the most out of your Facebook Page. Comme

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nt on this post if you have others that you love! :)

#1: Static FBML

Static FBML lets you add just about anything to your page using HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language). This lets your page stand out from the crowd. You can add video, optin to capture details and text and images on anything you want!

Go here to get this Application:

#2: YouTube Video Box

YouTube Video Box lets you bring over your videos from your YouTube account for your fans to see. It can also display your favorite videos as well!

Go here to get this Application:

#3: Promotions

Want to run a competition on Facebook to build your LIKES or your list? How about giving away a freebie? Promotions can do all of this on your Facebook page.

Go here to get this Application:

#4: Social RSS

Social RSS lets you add your blog feed over to your Facebook, where it can be automatically posted to your wall or put on to a tab. It just gives a snippet of your blog post then clicks through to your actual blog so boosts traffic.

Go here to get this Application:

#5: Slideshare

This Application lets you share slideshows, even embed them just like you do videos. You just need to set up and account at (but this application does it for you anyway). Then add the application to your page as a tab and you’re away!

Go here to get this Application:

That’s them! There are plenty more but they are the best 5 for business and online entrepreneurs that I’ve used and loved! :)

Til next time… Rock n Roll

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