Hey there Entreprenuers and Business Owners:

How often have you heard people complain about web design companies? How they take a massive chunk of money upfront and show them nothing for weeks or months. They complain about exorbitant prices and lack of marketing skills.

You have also probably heard that most web designers are either great at making the site look good but they can’t make the technical part work…

…OR that the site has so many fancy pants bits, it’s like a geekazoid from another planet built the site… AND it looks like some tragic classified ad from the 1980s.

They’re right. Most sites are nothing more than a glorified business card, that won’t sell water in a drought.

Some will even show you where to get cheap, or even free sites, but they’ll be so average looking and NOT have any of the automation, flexibility, list building tools that will make your site your best business asset.

Many of our clients increased their traffic by at least 50% using our automation tools that are included in your website package. Several others doubled their Facebook friends and some even tripled their twitter followers over a 4 week period.

. .

Your website will have all the bells and whistles to build your list and prove that you’re the GO-TO-GUY or GAL in your industry niche. It will automate your marketing and save you time so you can focus on the parts of your business you love. (Not the parts that make you want to quit and get a day job that requires no brainpower OR the crappy tasks make your want to set your computer on fire.)

Heck! It’ll even automatically tell all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter when you do a new blog post as well!

(By the way – posting your new blog posts to your Facebook has repeatedly increased our clients blog traffic by 50%)

It’s only $797 for an awesome website with us… And everything’s included!

35 powerful plugins that will boost you in search engines, make it easier to manage, automate and market the hell out of your business.

I don’t know what is up with web companies charging through the roof for sites either. The more technology improves the easier, faster and cheaper it is to give clients a better, cooler site!

That’s why we can offer such wicked website packages for such ridiculous prices.

In fact your entire site is so easy to update because its built in WordPress (but on steroids) . . . you won’t have any trouble at all adding pages, blogging, editing images, adding videos and audios….

Even if you did get stuck… you automatically get access to a library of How To Videos and Guides teaching you everything you need to know about managing your site… And if the video you needed is not there… just ask and we’ll make one for you!

One of the brilliant plugins included in your website is a one click insert for your videos.

Another is the cool little player where you upload your audio and at the click of a button it inserts your audio into a funky player right on the page.

There are 32 other very cool plugins as well. All that make your website more automated, more easy to manage and more awesome!

You can choose one of the 900+ free mega hot designs (included in your package). We’ll put in your logo and even customize the main image of the design (if needed).

…OR… for just $297 more you can get a fully customized site like no one else’s. Unique just for you.

The 900 free designs are very very good looking so even one of those will give you a gorgeous website!

We are so confident that you’ll be happy with your site we’ll even guarantee it!

As long as you get us everything we need within the first 48 hours we can have your new site online before you can say “I LOVE MY NEW WEBSITE”.

If you are getting a fully customized design we can usually get you online within 14 days. (Although we can’t guarantee the time frame on the fully customized package we’ll still impress you with our speediness.)

Which ever package you choose your site will be ready for you to add your own content (which is really easy!) …OR, if you can’t be bothered doing it yourself, you can just hire one of our VA’s to add your content for you! (You can request this upgrade after you have completed your purchase).

We don’t try to pretend one person is good at everything…

…if they say they are they’re lying. That’s why we have a design team, a geek team and a marketing team working simultaneously on your site.

Its faster, its quality and it’s seriously cool!

Your site will be so rockin’ you’ll probably wanna tell all ya friends about it. So… guess what!?! We’ll pay you commission for all ya mates who get a website with us. Everyone wants more cash, right? A few websites referred can easily cover the cost of your own website too!

Design: Over 900 hot template designs to choose from or upgrade to the customized design for just $297 extra
Easy to update yourself: Your site is built using WordPress (CMS) with easy to follow how to videos if you need them. Most don’t even need them
Blog: Easy to use and has additional features to standard WordPress, such as automatic promoting your blog posts
Unlimited pages: Easily add as many pages as you want. Most themes allow you to add sub-pages as drop downs in the menu also.
Simple to manage yourself: Easily insert your own text or get one of our VA’s to do it for you at an hourly rate.
Advanced editing tool: This gives you far more editing options than standard WordPress
Email Form: Simple contact form on your site for people to email you and it comes directly to your inbox.
Easily embed videos: Extra plugin added to simply insert videos in your page so you don’t have to worry about confusing embed code.
Autoresponder / optin Form: Perfect for building your database list with potential clients. 30 day free trial of Easy Web Automation included
Google-SEO Search Engine Submission: Your site will be submitted to all the top search engines
Free Domain Name: with hosting package (Hosting just $6.95 per month)
Online Store: You can add products to your site (Simple add the ADD TO CART or BUY NOW code from PayPal or EasyWebAutomation/1ShoppingCart)
Social Networking Icons Social Media Widget: You’ll have cool icons linking to social networking sites e.g. Facebook and Twitter
Share this: This function makes it easy for website visitors to send your posts or pages out to their networks. This HUGELY increases traffic
Facebook LIKE button: Facebook function that allows people to “LIKE” your site, which posts to their Facebook profile – NEW
Post Expirator: Add your events to your site and automatically take the event off once it’s date has past.
Automated Social Networking: - Automatically post your blog posts to Facebook & Twitter
Google-SEO SEO Boosting tools: Such as Easily control your own metatags, Content Validation, Automatic Robot.txt, Automatic sitemap creator, SEO Boosting Tag Cloud
Google Stats Google Stats: Details statistics such as, how many are coming to your site, what keywords they are using to find you and how long they are staying on your site
Feedburner Feedburner: Email subscription tool so people can receive your blog posts by email automatically
RSS RSS feed: So people can subscribe to your blog feed and put on their own site or get new posts delivered to their inbox.
WEB HOSTING: $6.95 per month includes

  • Support via, email, FAQ’s and ticketing system
  • Access to VIP Members Area of HOW TO videos showing you how to use your site
  • BACKUP – weekly

We’ll even give you a bunch of bonus stuff to make the deal even sweeter.
Then we’ll back it up with our iron clad guarantee:

You have nothing to lose and a world of online super-stardom to gain!

By Purchasing this website you agree to the purchase terms and to pay the 50% deposit now and the rest in 7 days. I understand that the first 30 days of web hosting is free and that I will get an email to set up the regular web hosting for $6.95 closer to my free 30 days expiring.

PS: If you don’t like you site, give it back and keep the bonuses and we’ll give you a full refund.

PPS: I promised the kitchen sink – and so the kitchen sink you get:


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