#1 Best Website Layout

All these years of laying out websites and making sure they have all the key features (call to action, video, social media profile links, blog etc….) we always come back to the same layout.

This layout is used by a lot of the best in the busine

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ss. The designs can be totally unique and look nothing the same BUT… this layout… is golden!

Download PDF Version Here

Lets go over the features:

  • LOGO – it’s a must of course but most people make the mistake of thinking that it needs to take up half the site. Unless you are Coca-Cola… just have it at the top and not taking up too much valuable real estate.
  • Social Media icon – this link to your social media profiles. I think it’s pretty important to have these at the top of the fold (meaning not having to scroll down to find them). Some people would love to just jump on to Facebook or Twitter and chat to you casually to get to know you first.
  • Navigation – keep it simple and make sure you link to a blog on there. The importance of a blog as a lead generator and way for people to get to know you is super important. That’s a whole other blog post :)
  • Video – MOST IMPORTANT…. Your face…. or the face of your company. Have that at the top of the fold for sure!!!!!!
  • Call to action – EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT AS VIDEO – again above the fold and something REALLY enticing. Free video teaching a fast ninja trick is best.
  • Lower area (below fold) – pick the 3 most important things and put them there…. check out the suggestions in the image above.

That’s pretty much the key features!

Fire through any questions below! :)


7 ways you know you are a geek or online marketer… and proud!

I'm writing this for a bit of fun because the following is a document of ACTUAL going on's in the office of Big Fish Website Design. This should really be called the 7 ways to know you should

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work at Big Fish Web Design. I could go on but there are websites to be built :)

You know you're a geek or online marketer when…

1) All your favorite things start with i (iPad, iPhone iPod…)

2) Are often heard saying “I have that font”

acne no more

3) At least twice a day you think to yourself “There's a blog post in that!”

4) You see trips to Dick Smith Electronics as a staff outing

5) You consider a work break to be checking your Facebook, Tweeting or watching Youtube videos

6) If you get less than 50 emails a day you double check your host in case it's down

7) You own 1 or more portable hard drives anywhere from 500 gig upward.

Ahhhhh this was such a fun post to write :)

Til' next time… geek-on!



The hands down #1 way to stop spam comments in wordpress

How sick are you of all the crappy spam emails that you are bombarded with in your WordPress site? This plugin is hands down the BEST spam protection on the planet! The plug in you need to install is called: Akismet and you can download it here: order cialis online no prescription

href=”http://akismet.com/download/”>http://akismet.com/download/ OR the easiest way is to install it from within WordPress. I’ll show you the whole process in a sec. Once it’s installed you need to get an Akismet log in here: http://akismet.com/personal/ It only takes a couple seconds. Just insert your email address and your away. Watch this video for the full process.

Click here to view larger video

This process is showing you the FREE version for personal and hobby sites. If you need one for your business it’s only $5 per month. You’ll see that option when you go through the process. For $5 per month it is honestly the best way to stop spam and THAT will stop you wasting your valuable time.

2 hours of Online Blogging Vs 2 hours of Face-to-Face Networking: Actual Results

These results are based on actual events. This speaks VOLUMES about the power of internet marketing vs the old school way. I compared the results of 2 hours a week networking face to face with 2 hours per week blogging about valuable tips and trick

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networking online vs networking face

I use to attend a lot of face to face networking event to grow my business. I’d get up to be at a 7am breakfast each week and spend 2 hours there networking. The people there knew me, my work and encouraged their friend and clients to come to me. 45% of my business came from this breakfast and it was great relationship building. The work from there was built on trust. It was by far my best lead bringer-inner-er :) I could speak to 10 cold-warm people in that 2 hours individually or as a small group but they were not all qualified.

For 8 weeks on this website I spent the same amount of time (2 hours) at my desk, blogging tips, tricks and little motivators out to the internet apply a handful of marketing advice I read from gurus on the topic of blogging and marketing online.

Over the 8 weeks I went from brand new blog site to 190 readers in week 8. That’s still small fish but as you can see it grew pretty quickly. Considering I did not have a list to market too and this was purely through having my blog automatically put a link back to each blog post on my Twitter account and my Facebook account. That’s all I did!

Best of all… if they are reading your blog posts it’s because they are interested in your topic, which makes them FAR more QUALIFIED than the random folk you might speak to at a face to face networking event!

When I used to do it the old school way with face to face meetings there was traffic to deal with, costs to be members and for the food there, and looking back was a crazy way to try and build my business. Especially my type of business! This does go for almost anyone though. Even if your business is local only… 2 hours a week blogging is so cheap and powerful – it’s an awesome way to get known as the guru.

If you do keep up the traditional way as well you can use your blog as back-up for that person who meets you. They might meet you – google you to check you out, read your blog posts and get to know you WAY more than they could in any 10 minute face to face chat and then they’re REALLY sold!

I used to speak really loudly at events so that other interested standing buy would come over but the most I could get to over 2 hours would be 10 people. Even then the discussions were short so they could mingle with the most people possible in the short time.

Online… you can speak to millions! Obviously you need to get them to come to your blog but there are a whole heap of ways to do that… but they’re a whole other blog post to come :)


What do you LOVE doing? Now let’s turn that into an online passive business for you!

I’m in love. In love with what I do. I’m in love with helping people take what they are mega uber passionate about and turning that into an online business. That is what Big Fish Globa

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l does.

I wanted to share with you this video from Gary V about his book Crush It! I recommend it to all clients and anyone looking at taking their passion and turning that into an income stream!

It’s so in line with what we do at Big Fish with our Clients. You’ll be inspired and when you are… let’s get on the phone and talk about how you can apply it to your life… We’ll find a way of turning your passion to cha-ching income!!


Let’s go through the consultation process, talk about what your purpose is in your business, in your life…. then we’ll offer you a package to make that passion into a REAL business online. Something you can’t wait to wake up and do every day.

Lets get on the phone, nut it out and make it happen for you!

Want to buy Crush it! Go to the bottom of my Resources Page

Video: How to insert a PDF into a WordPress page or post

pdfMost people need to add a PDF to their WordPress site at some point. It’s actually SUPER EASY!!

This video show you how.

Sorry the audio is a bit crap… but you’ll still get the jist of it all :)

To view more HOW TO Videos just visit our website How To Videos and Guides Section. We add stuff all the time :)


7 ideas for your website (no matter what your industry) to save you time and make you a truckload of money

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3.jpg” alt=”Business on a laptop” width=”170″ height=”150″ />Website design is not just about sticking pretty pictures up on the net with some text and hoping someone will magically discover you. Your website is a powerful marketing tool that, if set up right, will be your most cost effective strategy ever.

It’s all very well to have a site but just EXISTING on the web is not enough. You’ve got to make that website work for you! Get your money’s worth!

The more your website can help you in getting top results the better! I don’t just mean selling your products (which is obviously awesome!).

If you had a powerful Ferrari you wouldn’t park it in the garage, throw away the keys and not put gas in it right? Your website is the same! You need to get it out there, tell the world, show it off and get the immense thrill when your website is a  money making machine!

Here are a few other ideas for when you’re trying to think of your websites purpose:


Add to your site HOW TO videos showing off your product in action or, if you promote something like speaking services or consulting, show videos of YOU in action. This will give them a taste of your product or service so they see what they are getting before they buy. They’ll be far more likely to trust you and make that purchase.


Gather a following by blogging valuable tips and advice regularly. Podcasting works well for this too. Make sure the tips you give are of real value. It will give you credibility, show you know your topic and show your consistent dedication to your business.


Promoting affiliate products that you make a cut on. There are many websites out the e.g. clickbank.com that are a database of affiliate products that you can sell for other people. Go research some that are relevant to your business and sell them on your site. Make sure you keep good stats because this will also give you excellent feedback on what people are searching for and actually buying in your industry.


Create some eProducts and sell them online. eBooks, audios or videos and add workbooks too so they are more interactive. Again, don’t just waffle. Make them valuable so the reader/listener walks away thinking “Wow – I want more from this guy/girl”. Look on websites like http://www.cbengine.com/ and see what products are doing really well. Check them out to give you an idea of what your product and topic should be.


Add an FAQs page to answer common questions. This will free you up from hours on the phone answering the same questions over and over. Then you can spend your time focusing on growing your business, not the mundane boring stuff.


Building your list by giving valuable freebees so you can market to them. Create one of the freebees I mentioned before and give it away on your site for free in exchange for visitors joining your database. Then you’ll end up with a targeted list of potential prospects.


Convert your site to a membership site. Then you can charge an ongoing access fee for members to view useful information (videos, audios, PDFs). If you’re updating it constantly then this is a fantastic way it get on-going income for very little cost.

These are just SOME of the simple ideas to make your website work for you. Saving you money, saving you time, making you money, building your brand… whatever your goal is… make that puppy WORK baby!

Over and out!


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