7 ways you know you are a geek or online marketer… and proud!

I'm writing this for a bit of fun because the following is a document of ACTUAL going on's in the office of Big Fish Website Design. This should really be called the 7 ways to know you should

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work at Big Fish Web Design. I could go on but there are websites to be built :)

You know you're a geek or online marketer when…

1)¬†All your favorite things start with i (iPad, iPhone iPod…)

2) Are often heard saying “I have that font”

acne no more

3) At least twice a day you think to yourself “There's a blog post in that!”

4) You see trips to Dick Smith Electronics as a staff outing

5) You consider a work break to be checking your Facebook, Tweeting or watching Youtube videos

6) If you get less than 50 emails a day you double check your host in case it's down

7) You own 1 or more portable hard drives anywhere from 500 gig upward.

Ahhhhh this was such a fun post to write :)

Til' next time… geek-on!



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  1. OMG… I'm such a geeky online marketer!!!!
    Thanks for the truth, Jody!

  2. Wow, this describes me too! Although I doubt that surprises you Jodz :)

  3. and you should be proud! :)

  4. You're the one who introduced me to the inter-web! Of course you're up there on the top of the geek list with me :)

  5. I forgot to add one!… You know you're a geek when a new WordPress plug-in can totally make your day!!

  6. I hear you. I have iEverything :)

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